Offer a wide range of hotel accommodations to the teams attending your event

We can negotiate a variety hotel blocks to accommodate the different rates and amenities that each team is looking for.

Arrange comp rooms based on the number of rooms booked in each hotel block

Every little bit helps. We can negotiate a comp room policy with hotels for you to utilize at your discretion. 

Clubs can hold room blocks at a hotel of their choice and get a personalized booking link to send to their team

Our software allows teams to hold a certain number of rooms for a specified amount of time. Once they choose their hotel, they will receive a booking link with their team name to send to attendees. 

High quality reservation software

Our software allows individual reservations and groups to create hold blocks with personalized booking links.

Excellent customer service

One contact for any of the hotels on the event list. We can help find the hotel of your choice, make changes, or answer questions.

See your event dashboard 24/7

Find the number of reservations for your events and run pick up reports for your events any time of day. 

We make sure your incentivesare sent out quickly

3 Stone Travel ensures that all incentives are sent out as soon as your event wraps up. No waiting. We are the only company to do this for you. Our clients are our most important asset and we aim to keep you on the right track towards your next event.

We reach out to clubs directly to help choose a hotel

As a partner for your event, we reach out to attending clubs to help them pick a hotel that suits their needs. By doing this, we will ensure that we get the most rooms booked for your event. We will be talking to the teams about which hotel is right for them and make sure they get their booking link sent out to their club.

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